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Strong Bond is a unique, non-toxic, pellet binder that radically improves animal feed pellet durability with low inclusion rate. It provides consistent stability of pellets on a day-to-day manufacturing basis, which is important, considering the variability of feed ingredients.

Unlike other feeds, pellets containing Strong Bond remain tough, hard and retain integrity, without breaking apart when touched.


Strong Bond is a compound of synthetic resins derived from Polymethylocarbamide (PMC). Its unique properties assure activation within the desired heat and moisture conditions during the pelleting or extrusion process. Strong Bond assists in the manufacturing process by forming a more durable feed by the formation of molecular chains and cross-linking condensation reaction. During processing the reaction with steam and heat proceeds to yield a solid resin with a fibrillate structure.


  • Low inclusion rate
  • Free-flowing
  • Versatile (works in short or long-conditioning systems).
  • Increases pellet stability
  • Improves consistency and hardness
  • Less Waste / Fines


Strong Bond is added directly into the feed mixer during standard pelleting operations. This low inclusion binder allows more room for other nutritional ingredients, offering greater formula flexibility that results in optimum quality feeds.


Minimum depending on feed formulation & quality of feed ingredients : 1-2 kg/MT.

COLOR: Off-white
PACKAGING: 25 kgs, tied inner poly bag with sewn outer woven nylon outer bag.
STORAGE: Store in cool & dry place.