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Aqua Strong Bond is a co-polymer of biodegradable ingredients in presence of Ammonia. Amino Group reacts with hydroxyls lead to a unique adhesive property. It is a good binder for making aqua feed pellets that is non-toxic and non hazardous in nature.

Aqua Strong Bond acts as a double agent:

Aqua Strong Bond improves pellet durability (less fines during handling) and stability of aquatic feeds in water. It provides consistency in water stability of pellets on a day-to-day manufacturing basis, which is important, considering the variability of other ingredients.

Unlike other feeds in water, pellets containing Aqua Strong Bond will remain tough and retain integrity, without breaking apart when touched. Pellets made with Aqua Strong Bond become soft and flexible. Softer feeds are more attractive to shellfish and fish; and easier to consume, thus requiring less energy.


  • Free-flowing
  • Versatile (works in short or long-conditioning systems).
  • Better & Improved water stability of pellets compared to other binders available in the market.
  • More efficient – in some feeds, can use less binder per ton than competitive binders.
  • Melamine Free
  • Dioxin Free


Aqua Strong Bond is added during mixing at a rate of 1.0 to 7.5 kg per metric ton. This low inclusion binder allows for more room for other nutritional ingredients, offering greater formula flexibility that results in optimum quality feeds for aquaculture.


Polymethyl Carbamide
COLOR: Off-white
ODOR: Characteristic
USE LEVEL: Will vary depending on feed type, ingredients and processing conditions.
General guidelines are as follows:

Shrimp Feed : 4 to 6.5 kg / ton
Fish Feed : 1 kg / ton
PACKAGING: 25 kilogram, tied inner poly bag with sewn outer woven nylon outer bag.
STORAGE: Store in a dry, cool place


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